LOGOS TECHNOLOGYis an Information Technology Services and Solutions Company formed by an experienced group of professionals in Systems Integration and in Application Software development. Established in 2002, since then it has been working in different market segments from pharmaceutical to financial, from telecommunications to public administration with the aim of contributing to the evolution of IT systems business

Know how and technical skills
  • Competence in developing projects and customer-oriented applications on platforms such as: IBM Information Management, Websphere, Tivoli, Lotus, Rational, Cognos, FileNet
  • Competence in consulting and outsourcing services for all customers development needs;
  • Competence in providing training courses - in partnership with IBM – both frontal and mentoring classes;
  • Competence in identifying products and solutions geared to automate customers business processes.
Partner IBM
Logos Technology successfully delivered more than 250 projects for major clients alongside IBM.

Logos Technology team and management collaborates with IBM for over twenty years creating solutions and projects based on its middleware and delivering professional services and training.

Logos Technology owns over 50 certifications on IBM products.
IBM Premier Business Partner mark
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